Is Driving Lessons Necessary.

Being a South African, one of the biggest and most important steps in a young adult live is finally getting their driver’s licence.

Who Knows the Road Better?

Just because someone knows how to drive doesn’t mean they are a good teacher. It also doesn’t mean that they know all the laws. There are many laws that people don’t need to actively remember and signs that people don’t see, so drivers forget the information. After all, if it doesn’t impact their daily driving experience, why bother? Unfortunately, this means that they will likely be unable to impart all the information that a new driver needs to pass their tests.

Can You Provide a Structured Approach to Learning?

Often, when parents teach their children to drive, they cover the important techniques, skills, and laws at random or whenever a particular circumstance arises. What happens if that situation never arises before the test comes around? At a driving school, students will have an opportunity to participate in an instructor-led classroom and get the necessary time in behind the wheel. This experience will be based on a structured and proven method that covers all information a fledgling driver really needs.

What is Your Level of Comfort with Your Parents?

Parents are a great resource for support and reviewing concepts for driving. But do you feel comfortable asking questions and drilling them until they perfect a certain technique? If a parent turns out to not be a great teacher, is that going to be awkward for the child? Is there already tension in the relationship? Is the parent likely to yell when the child makes a mistake? Are you more likely to yell back at them? It is important to remember that taking driving lessons from a driving school doesn’t mean your parents are completely cut out of the process. .

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