Why Train to Drive for Your Test?

When Should I start to learn to drive?

In order for you to start to learn and drive, you would need to have a South African Learner’s Licence. In order to get a Learner’s Licence, you have to pass a theory test which will cover the Rules of the Road, And everything that comes with that. Check out our Theory Test Page for more information. For a Motorcycle Learner’s Licence, you need to be 16 years old; for a Light Motor Vehicle Learner’s Licence you need to be 17 years old; for all other Motor Vehicles plus larger engine Motorcycles you need to be 18 years old.

Who should teach me?

A parent, friend or older sibling (they need to hold a valid driver’s licence) are probably able to teach you the basics of driving. However, they might not know the K53 method of driving, and it is essential to be comfortable with that method of driving in order to pass your driving test. A certified instructor will be able to teach you the K53 way of driving, and help greatly increase your chances of passing.

How many hours of driving lessons are generally required for someone who has never driven before to learn to drive and get ready for the test?

It depends on the person – their confidence, ability and willingness to learn, and aptitude for driving will all play a part. It can take anywhere from 10 to 20 hours’ worth of driving lessons. The number of lessons can be reduced if a learner has access to a car for practice outside of lessons. It is also important to pick an instructor whose teaching style goes well with your learning style – you will learn better and potentially faster with someone who understands your needs. Doing a driving assessment lesson with an instructor will help them evaluate your driving skills, and they can then suggest how many hours of lessons you may need.

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