K53 Driving Test

Why Do it.
This test insures you are road ready and not Illegally driving. The driving test provides you with the necessary skills to correctly hand your vehicle in most situations and just makes you an overal better driver. It also is legaly required in South Africa in order to drive on any SA roads.

It insures that you as a driver become profficient in reading road signs, makes you ready to know and obay the traffic rules, know what all the traffic signals mean aswell as any surface markings, and most importanly when you are in a tough spot you would know exactly what to do and handle your vehicle.

Some Rules to know before you do the test.

When doing a light motor test it is required that the vehicle exceeds 3 meters. During the test you are also not allowed to smoke or use your cellphone.

What the test covers

Light and heavy motor vehicle test:

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