Defensive Driving Courses.

What’s defensive driving?

We often get asked “what is defensive driving?” as it’s a well-used phrase within driver training, but not always well understood.

Defensive driving is a particular style of road driving that utilises a variety of techniques and tactics to keep you and everybody else safe on the road.

By attending a defensive driving course, you will learn how to minimise the risk of being involved in an accident. Your organisation will also save money as you will reduce your fuel consumption and put less strain on your vehicle.

What does a good defensive driver do?

All drivers can be unpredictable on the road, so by attending a defensive driving course and being a good defensive driver, you will reduce the chance of other peoples’ mistakes affecting you and your vehicle.

Why is defensive driving important?

On average, five people who are alive today in South Africa will be dead tomorrow because of a road collision.

Defensive driving allows you to keep yourself and everybody else safe on the road, allowing us all to return home to our families.

When should I do a defensive driving course?

You can do a defensive driving course at any time. It’s vital that your organisation keeps employees safe and does everything possible to ensure this, therefore it’s best practice to establish a proactive approach to safety.

Overall, the experience that you will gain from all of the driving lessons will make you a much better driver. As a result, the chances of you getting into an accident will decrease and you will be safer behind the wheel. Since nothing is more important than the safety of yourself and others, you should strongly consider going to a driving school if you are a new driver. Click Here to Call Us ??